Overseas Indians in a specific constituency organized in a special political  heritage formation will serve to protect and defend the Indian homeland from abroad


To Defend and Serve the Motherland

Aims & Objects

    • To organize in a special socio-political heritage formation based on assertive nationalism and passionate patriotism towards India
    • To draw inspiration from past revolutionary heroes and post-independence military veterans, and other brave men and women, who can serve as a role models for the younger generation
    • To build a special core constituency consisting of Hindi-speaking populations among the larger Overseas Indian community
    • To establish a narrative of strong and assertive India that is poised to become a superpower
    • To counter anti-Indian “deep state” embedded in the academia, media, politics and other institutions
    • To counter the global nexus of Ummah and the Left that is poised to weaken and break India
    • To build a politically aware Hindi-speaking community ready to defend the motherland